OilComm 2020

OilComm 2020



October 14-15, 2020 | Houston Marriott Westchase | Houston, TX

Like the industry we bring together, OilComm has innovated and evolved. Between the in-person event in October, the upcoming OilComm Digital Week (August 17-20, 2020), and the Digital Party (October 28), we’re now delivering more cutting-edge insights and fresh new ways for our community of 60,000+ to come together, and for our buyers and sellers to connect in digital environments.

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Connected Energy Webcasts

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OilComm Conference & Exposition

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Why Attend

Oil & Gas Digital Week

Taking place August 17-20, you’ll have the opportunity to hear from experts in the field through live broadcasted sessions, connect with other oil & gas professionals, and receive access to articles, videos, and case studies built to help you quickly navigate your business through current turmoil.

Digital Party

The entire OilComm community will come together once again to livestream sessions that include compelling keynotes from speakers that weren’t able to travel to the in-person event, as well as a chance to directly connect with OilComm’s exhibitors and sponsors, this time in a digital environment!



Offered to Qualified Oil & Gas Professionals:


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And Connect Directly With 60,000+ Digital Technology Professionals


Educate the Industry

Position yourself as an industry leader and partner to the oil & gas community by speaking at our event via the Connected Energy Webcast Series, the Oil & Gas Digital Week, the OilComm Conference & Exposition, or Virtual Digital Party!

Exhibit at OilComm

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Let us be your marketing partner! We’ve created comprehensive packages to maximize the branding, exposure and lead-gen opportunities through digital and live engagements.


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Listen & Network

Dennis Brewer
BP Upstream
‎Segment Engineering Technical Authority - Operations Critical Telecommunications
Mike Sommers
American Petroleum Institute (API)
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Hani Elshahawi
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Ahmed Saleh
Piñon Resources LLC
Chief Financial Officer & Vice President
Damon Small
NCC Group
Technical Director
Timothy Jackson
Diamond Offshore Drilling, Inc.
Chief Information Officer
Erik Botsford
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Who to expect

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